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Restoring The Brake Callipers...

Painfully messy but we made such a difference as you can see in the pictures below. Each calliper was completely stripped, degreased, sanded to remove all rust then painted with calliper paint. The pistons from the front callipers needed to be replaced as someone had obviously seen fit to beat the living shit out of them with a hammer at some point. Each calliper had new seals, gaiters and bleed valves fitted. The end result was very pleasing.

Remember this picture? Nasty! Front calliper after 16 years of abuse That's going to take some sorting out
Time to start stripping them down Yes Craig, its a rusty old calliper Craig pretending to do some work!
Terry actually doing some work. Craig probably off smoking somewhere. Terry working again, Craig probably off smoking somewhere. A painted rear calliper and the rebuild kit for it
New seals and piston fitted to rear calliper, ready for the rest to go back together Both front callipers back together and looking sweet Rear calliper back together.
Now that looks nice :)    

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